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Acquiring an original Alfred Wallis has now become pretty difficult - and rather costly!  So my aim is to produce original authentic looking paintings in true Alfred Wallis style at prices that won't break the bank!  Working from my studio in Emsworth, I spend much time researching the life and works by Alfred Wallis, and making a close study of the Wallis style, methods and the materials he used. Since the closing of all my galleries across the country, I am now offering a larger selection of my paintings online - which can be delivered via courier (free of charge). I aim to continue my painting and will keep adding fresh works to the online shop week by week both framed and unframed. Any commission, large or small also very welcome. All paintings come with a money back guarantee if not completely satisfied.  

" Max Wildman is a painter who certainly knows his Alfred Wallis. His paintings are deceptively simple, and at

their best are often small aphorisms of the original works of this unique St Ives artist.  Once again, Alfred Wallis

is made affordable! "

 - John Maltby




about alfred wallis.

Alfred Wallis of St Ives - The painting career of Alfred Wallis


In 1890 at the age of 35, Alfred Wallis moved to St Ives where he set up a business as a marine stores dealer. From about 1912, after the business closed, he worked for the next ten years or so as an odd job man for a local antiques dealer. When his wife, Susan died in 1922, he found himself alone, and so took up painting “for company”.


about max wildman.

It was inevitable that after a long-held interest in all forms of primitive and naive art, Max Wildman would eventually be drawn to the works of Alfred Wallis.


Indeed this was to happen one winter’s day during a visit to Jim Ede’s house at Kettles Yard in Cambridge. Viewing Alfred Wallis’ unique style at first hand and up-close had a riveting effect, and so began an enduring fascination for the life and work of this, the most enigmatic of St Ives characters.



I am an enormous admirer of Alfred Wallis' work and am in admiration of just how expertly your interpretation is realised ... would be delighted if we could organise something together.” 

—  Graham W


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